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  • Using HP Recovery – Non-System DVD Media Error

    I recently received a genuine HP desktop computer with a failed hard drive. I buy a suitable 2TB Seagate hard drive and also purchased HP Recovery News media to restore the machine to factory defaults.

    From start to media recovery, I was presented with all the options to restore default ringtones. When I say it’s GUI formatted, it extracts and reinstalls apps. It will ask you to list disk #2 as repaired and will eventually ask you to restart your computer. Date when the system can start with a “non-system drive” principle error.

    I booted the system from a linux live CD and fdisk backed up the drive to make sure it was easy. I noticed that the first section after this section still won’t load. I enabled the boot flag on the original partition without changing the 1st partition and then ran the recovery disks again. No change.

    I found a number of articles discussing diSeagate skis, as well as HP machines and their firmware, but I see Neil touting the 2TB drive as a suitable problematic drive.< /p>

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